I quit my career today

Teaching isn’t just a job; teaching is a calling.

Today, I hung up the phone.

I’ve been holding the phone between my ear and shoulder for a couple of weeks now, and my health has been quickly deteriorating. I catch colds that last for months. I ache from the first buzz of my alarm clock until I hit REM sleep. Sometimes I keep aching and I skip the REM cycle. All day long, no matter where I was, who I was with, or what I was supposed to be doing, I was worrying about what I wasn’t doing; grading, arranging lessons, writing family bulletins, administering tests, arranging camping trips, or solving middle school drama. I couldn’t take my mind off of everyone else, I had not only forgotten about taking care of myself I had also forgotten about taking care of my family.

That changed this morning.

I sent an “effective immediately” resignation letter to my principal. It wasn’t how I wanted to finish the school year, and I sobbed while I did it, but I also know that my health and my family are more important to me than doing the “professional” thing right now. I have some things I need to take care of.

I am sad. I disappointed a community I love. I also feel relieved. I feel right.

I don’t know where I’m going, but at least I’ll be caffeinated and well-read.

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