Solving Problems with the Wizard

I have trouble with audio books.pexels-photo-373945.jpeg

love reading.

I hate being read to …

… even when the reader is skilled and engaged.

I get stressed out listening to how slowly and clearly every. syllable. is. perfectly. enunciated. while reading for an audio book.

Last night, in an insomnia-ridden haze, exfoliator in my eye prevented me from reading my Kindle.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum has been a favorite tale since preschool, and while I have read the book, seen all the movie variations, own the graphic novels, and regularly belt out “Over the Rainbow,” in my car I had never listened to the book. Until last night.  Miraculously, I fell asleep on two separate moments to Phil Chenevert’s voice reading L. Frank Baum’s words!

Knowing the story line behind the chapters, anticipating Dorothy’s actions, or miming the Wizard’s words kept me an active listener. I was able to enjoy the story instead of rushing through the plot!  The conundrum with audio books may have been solved by that magical Wizard of Oz.

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