So Wild a Dream – Win Blevins

To help inspire my own narrative, I’ve been reading a bit of historical fiction. My novel is set in the early 1830s with a family trekking the newly routed “Oregon” trail.

The Rendezvous Series by Win Blevins

As an avid reader, I utilize both Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading with Amazon and a few days ago I discovered Win Blevins’ The Rendezvous Series. I started reading So Wild a Dream night before last and I cannot put it down.

Sam Morgan decides that he’s done with the halters and reigns of East coast gentlemen. He’s been badly hurt by one of his closest friends and decides to leave the safety of his family and friends to trek across the new nation.

I’m eight chapters into So Wild a Dream right now and I’m already emotionally involved in Sam’s adventure. I am pulling details, inspiration, and encouragement from Blevins’ beautiful writing.

If you are interested in stories about truly human characters, So Wild a Dream is a great series to get into. If you are looking for historically accurate pictures of the wild “West,” this is a solid introduction. If you’re looking for romance, adventure, and lesson in the Oregon Trail, you’ll enjoy this book! (More once I’ve finished the first book!)


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