Books of Late

I’ve been keeping myself busy with forcing out words and taking in words. The outwardly forced words aren’t quite ready to be shared, but the words I’m taking in have been interesting and worth sharing.

I Am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll was a thriller/mystery that had me rushing through the pages. A woman overhears (and oversees?) something on a train that leads to her “accidental” involvement in a young girl’s disappearance. Worth the read, 3.5/5.

#METOO: A Supernatural Thriller by L. Seifert was a fun read. During the current #MeToo movement, a story that takes a magical look at methods of dealing with sexual pressures from men. I have more to say about this book, but want to give it its own entry, as the author deserves a deeper review than It was a fun read. I tore through it trying to figure out ‘whodunit.’ I was impressed by the new take on “cell phones” and a feminist movement. More soon. 🙂

Lies that Bind Us by Andrew Hart wrapped me up and dragged me into its story. A third of the way through the story, we learn that our narrative is pathologically untrustworthy. This threw me for a HUGE loop as the entire book is “based” on the lies that wrap us within the lives of those around us. However, if my narrator is lying about lying, who is actually lying? Great read; 5/5 no qualms.

The Selection by Kiera Cass was a young adult fiction piece I’ve seen my former students reading. I was offered it free and thought I’d give it a chance. It was an easy read, pretty stereotypical girl meets boy, girl falls in love with boy, girl shouldn’t be in love with boy, don’t know the ending of boy and girl because it’s a series. Most of me is not even interested in picking up the second in the series, so that might tell you a bit about how serious this entertainment is. (Hey, at least I’m honest.)

What have you been reading?

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