Five Fact Friday

Five Facts About Me on a Friday

1) I have read Norton Juster’s The Phantom Tollbooth an uncountable number of times.

I first read it in fourth grade and I pick it up about once a year since then. I hope one day to be able to teach it as a unit in a classroom. *Random Idea* Develop it as a unit for a classroom.

2) I hate mushrooms.

The taste of dirt and fungus is just not appealing to me; in anything. The way that my teeth feel all chalky and squeaky afterward is also a major mushroom malfunction.

3) I educate myself a lot before I start doing something new.

Learning about milk glass came before I even started searching for the stuff. I had seen it in antiques stores before, and I had heard it could be valuable, but before I purchased my first piece, I read extensively about how to do it right. I’m perpetually worried I’ll make a “mistake” when I try something new.

4) I have been chronically ill since my early elementary school years.

I started suffering from migraines before I turned five. By 12 I knew I had depression and anxiety. In high school the ovarian cysts and eating disorders turned up. Post-graduate time taught me about PTSD and Ankylosing spondylitis and scoliosis. In the recent years, we’ve discovered uterine fibroids and a weird chronic pain that has

art artistic bright color
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currently been undiagnosed. My invisible illnesses are just part of who I am.

5) I love to color.

Even before “adult coloring books” were a fad, I was coloring. I have coloring books from my Grams’ house that I colored in the early 80s. I have coloring books from my teenage and college years. I have a small hoard (unofficial collection?) of coloring books from this fad’s resurfacing. I own multiple sets of Sharpie’s, Bic markers, and Crayola crayons. I recently invested in a set of Prismacolor Premier colored pencils and I am in love with them. I find coloring intensively meditative and calming. I love the way that colors can combine and change a mood. I enjoy the precise need to stay in the lines.


What can you tell me about you?

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