New Obsession

In the very early 2000s, my mom suggested I use milk glass bud vases in my first wedding’s decor. I laughed at her old fashion suggestion and I forgot about her ridiculous antiques decor idea until a few weeks back.

A long-time friend of mine posted her Great Depression era milk glass cake stand collection on Instagram, and I remembered what my mom said. I started reading. I spent a week reading every blog post, antiques mall article, and Pinterest post about milk glass collections.

Then I started searching for my own pieces.  fentonmilkglassruffletophobnailI had previously visited a (somewhat overpriced) antiques store searching just for pretty stuff. I stumbled across a well-priced Fenton Hobnail milk glass fluted edge vase. It’s about four-inches tall and I’m in love with the fluting, the precise little bumps (hobs? hobnails?).  Once I clean her up, she’s going to live as a makeup brush organizer in my bathroom.

I haven’t stopped looking for fun pieces since this, and I’ve amassed a quick double-digit number collection already. I read an interesting post recommending “if you like it, it fits in your collection,” and am following that mindset as I scour local Goodwills. (Yesterday I found 10 pieces of collectible glass for less than $40.)

Vintage Westmoreland Milk Glass Creamer and Sugar Bowl

Piece number two? was a pair of pieces. A set of Westmoreland milk glass creamer and sugar jar WITH its lid. I overpaid for it, because all three pieces were perfect, and I think it’s a beautifully created little set.

Ever seen this stuff? Have any of your grandmas given you dusty old pieces you want to mail me? Hah!

As I go forward, I might try to keep sharing pieces. Obsessions often become intense collecting events for me. Let’s see where this goes!