Millennial Blur

I swear, once you hit 30, all your days, weeks, months, and even years, become a major blur. I don’t know where May went … and June is halfway over. I’d like to think that as a teacher, my summers would be full of adventure and fun, but uhm, I’m still just doing a lot of cleaning and cooking. I don’t actually mind it, but time flies even when you aren’t having fun.

millennialguideI got a new book today and am looking forward to reading through it.

Even though I’m on the cusp of being a Millennial, I’m working through a book by Alison Lea Sher titled The Millennial’s Guide to Changing the World A New Generation’s Handbook to Being Yourself & Living With Purpose. If the title isn’t long enough for you, the 288 pages of handbook material might be.

I’m only a few pages into Sher’s book, but am enjoying her friendy tone, her down-to-earth style of writing, and her reminder that as Millennial’s, we can be more. I look forward to more work through the book and seeing what other advice Sher has to offer her readers.

I’ll be in touch with a full review of this book soon enough, but wanted to let you know I am being more than just a stay-at-home-stepmom; I’m doing things, too!

What are you doing? What are you reading?